For your garage door to function well the tracks must always be in good working condition. Typically, the tracks are responsible for ensuring that the door is held in place to facilitate a smooth up and down movement. When one of these parts is misaligned, snapped or bent, it becomes a huge burden. When this occurs most homeowners are always focused on getting the garage door back on track, but are less concerned about what caused the problem. Here are 5 reasons why the garage door tracks bent and its repair solutions.

1. When tracks wear out

After working for sometime, a garage door track is likely to wear out and corrode as a result of salt or moisture. Due to this they may start to bend. This issue is likely to affect both the vertical and horizontal tracks. To repair this, you should regularly inspect the track and urgently address any problem that might show up. Remember, since a garage door is used on a daily basis, regular movement and collision will definitely wear them out. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out a timely inspection and a bent garage door track repair.

2. If the tracks are out of shape

In case the tracks are out shape a garage door track is likely to bend. If the garage door track is only slightly bent you can replace the brackets to put them in good working condition. However, if they are badly damaged and need a replacement, you should not hesitate to purchase a replacement track from a trusted company that is concerned with the parts to have it fixed.

3. Other parts are not working properly

Apart from the tracks, the garage door cables and springs are also essential components of a garage door. When this fails to work properly, they are likely to affect the whole operation of the garage door and even cause it to bend. In fact, it is much possible to have the tracks bent as a result of other parts not working properly. Since some springs such as the torsion springs can be very dangerous you should leave the work to experts to carry out the test and know where urgent repair and maintenance is needed. This will eventually prevent unnecessary problem in future.

4. When the rollers come off the track

When it comes to having the garage door in good working condition, rollers play a very important role. When the tracks are quite far from the door sides, it is very easy for the rollers to slide out, thereby, causing the garage doors to bend. This kind of problem is likely to cause other problems including garage door bent. The best thing to do is to ensure that they are back in shape by carrying out a bent garage door track repair. But In case you realize that you cannot handle this you should call an expert.

5. When a garage door is not working properly

When a garage door is malfunctioning, it is most likely that the tracks will bend. This is especially true if the door is crooked. For instance, you might accidentally hit your garage door with your car. When this happens, the track will be damaged and eventually bend the brackets. This is why it is very important to always protect your garage door and keep it in good working condition.


Remember garage door tracks are very important. This is why any malfunction can cause a serious problem to its operations. If you leave it unattended to other issues may arise causing the door to undergo further damage. In case the situation is beyond you, do not hesitate to call an expert to carry out bent garage door track repair.