One of the primary advantages of an aluminum garage door is that it doesn’t need regular maintenance like the wooden garage doors. While these aluminum garage doors demand minimum maintenance but it doesn’t imply that it is completely resistant to wear and tear. No matter what is the make and model of our garage door, it is always important to fix any garage door issue immediately. When there are minor scratches or dents, it may be tempting to replace the garage door altogether. But, it is important to understand that there are economical ways to fix the scratches. Below are some of the effective and economical ways to prevent scratches in the garage door.

Tools needed for the Project 
Majority of the devices needed to fix the dents in the garage door can be easily found around your home. Some of the tools needed include: 

  • A medium-sized can 
  • Dish cleanser 
  • Outdoor hose 
  • A clean wipe
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Standard lighter 

In case, you don’t have any of these things, make sure that you take an excursion to the store before you begin. Having the right tools will help you to execute the task precisely.

Instructions to Remove Scratch Marks from the Garage Door 

  • Utilize the basin, fill it with water, and include a dish cleanser. Completely wash the marked area with a wipe and clean the area. Make sure that you dry up the area before you proceed with the further steps
  • Unroll enough foil to cover the imprint and to give you enough space to hold the foil at every end.
  • Lay the bit of aluminum foil and spread on the scratch. Keep the foil level against the garage door with your hand close to the corner and far from the imprint. 
  • Switch on your lighter and move the flame forward and backward over the scratch for minimum 60 seconds. Make sure that you move the flame carefully, such that the flame hits the aluminum foil, wherever the scratch mark is. When you are done, remove the foil and hold the air can upside down. Splash the can while it is upside down over the mark for no less than 30 seconds.
  • The aluminum foil will go back into the spot due the extreme change in temperature. Watch your scratch pop back and vanish inside within two minutes.

By following these few simple steps, you can easily get rid of the marred marks in a garage door. If you are still hesitant, it is ideal to get in touch with the garage door service professionals. The trained professionals have thorough understanding and complete training to execute all the garage door services with ease.

Some renowned garage door service professionals provide premium services 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Accessing the garage door services is extremely simple. All you need to do is contact the experts; they will quickly send a team of well-equipped professionals.

Timely inspection and maintenance will provide you with an effective and stylish garage door for an enhanced period.