5 dining tables that are crazy awesome

Dining tables are a place which brings families together for lunch or dinner in every home. Plain simple dining tables can be quite boring and some people look for a cool, unusual design for a dining table. There are loads of crazy design you can find on the Internet. Some can be quite useful, some are silly and some can be so weird but awesome at the same time. If you are interested in refreshing your dining room with one unconventional dining table, take a look at the list of one of the most amazing dining tables in my opinion.

Amalfi pool dining table

Amalfi pool dining table looks just like a normal table with removable parts which can transform it into a pool table. If you are a pool lover this table is perfect for you. Imagine you are having some friends over and you don’t have any idea what to do after you ate some dinner. With this table in just a few minutes, you can transform it into a pool table and play some pool games. The table is a great choice for people who don’t have enough room to fit a real pool table, but really want to have one.

Foosball table

Since I am already talking about game tables, let me introduce you another gem to your eyes. This foosball table looks sleek, elegant and it is a real dining/foosball table. The table top is made of tempered glass and you can see the foosball field with the players under your plate. It has rods and you can play one short match before the dinner starts. The best part about this table is the fact that it the company that made foosball table designed it to be a dining table so you don’t have to worry it will be to low or that the rods will hit you in the stomach while you eat. Also, it looks really amazing.

Fletcher Capstan Table

This awesome looking extendable round table is great if you are having guests regularly. This table comes is different combination sizes depending on the seating capacity you need. The area of the table top expands by 73% which is quite an increase. If you usually don’t need a big table, but occasionally have to comfort a lot of people at your dining table, this is a table for you. The table puts on a pretty cool looking show when it is expanding or shrinking so make sure you do that in front of your guests.

The swing table

The first thought you probably had in mind when you see this table is that it is kind of a silly design. Swinging near the table could be quite dangerous because you could bump into it and throw something off or even bump into a person sitting next to you. Well even if you do bump into the table, this table is engineered that way so it can withstand these kinds of bumps so you cannot almost move it at all. As for bumping into the person next to you, engineers thought about that too. You will not bump into your neighbor. It this table can sit from 4 to 12 people depending on the size of the table you choose. This table has an indoor and outdoor option which can make it a great table for your garden.

Interactive LED Dining Table

Do you like cool lights and light effects? Then look no further because this is dining table for you. This wooden table is equipped with 448 multicolor LEDs that respond to input generated by motion above the table as you eat. The LEDs aren’t crazy bright so don’t be scared if you think you will hurt your eyes. Also, the table looks great in the dark it just sets the mood for you and your guests.

Each of the tables is unique in its own way and I am sure you will impress your guest with anyone you decide to get. Tables like those will bring a flare of style in your home so be sure to check them out.