Garage door openers are the mechanisms by which the garage doors are opened or closed as need be. They too are prone to certain faults and errors that may hamper their efficacy insofar as the discharge of their functions are concerned.

The proceeding discourse aims at discussing the various ways and means of troubleshooting the garage door openers i.e. identifying, tracing and correcting common faults in the garage door openers.

:- Noisy Garage Door Openers: This could signify either a broken spring, misaligned springs or loose belt or chain in the garage door opener itself. The garage door should be carefully opened and closed severally while paying attention to these areas after which appropriate action such as garage door spring repair/replacement should be taken to remedy the situation.

:- Partial Opening and Closing of the Garage Doors: In case the doors do not open or close completely, the ascent and the descent limits could be poorly adjusted. To remedy this situation, a screwdriver should be used to fix these limits while adhering strictly to the guidelines that are set by the manufacturer.

:- Failure of the Remote to Operate: The failure of the remote to operate may be brought about by a variety of factors such as dead batteries, failure to press the remote control for long enough duration, or interference with foreign signals from nearby homes. The remote should thus be pressed longer, the batteries should be checked to ascertain whether they are alive, and other strange signals should be looked out for.

:- The Failure of the Garage Door to Stay Closed: The automatic garage doors are usually fit with photoelectric sensors that automatically prevent them from closing whenever people are inside them. In case the garage doors fail to close, the photoelectric sensors could in fact be misaligned. The sensors should then be moved back and forth to realign them appropriately.

:- Power Outages: This is probably the most common issue bedeviling the automatic garage door openers. In case there is a power outage in the area, the red emergency cord should be pulled to disengage the automatic garage door opener. The doors are then to be lowered or raised manually as need be. The automatic garage door opener should then be turned off to prevent accidental opening or closing. The side latch should then be used to securely close it. The emergency batteries should also be checked to be sure that they are operational.

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