Ceremonial Hall, Church Hall, Castle Hall or even drawing room, all these places comes in the category of most preferred places where Crystal Chandelier can add an elegant grace. This is so true that chandeliers are the first choice or home decoration from past many years. People prefer to hang the chandelier in their homes to add exquisiteness to their homes.

Visit castles, royal palaces or any historic place s, you will definitely find the chandeliers hanging there just to add magnificent beauty. But now, people are buying crystal chandeliers to add stylish interior and classic beauty to their homes. New contemporary crystal chandeliers are available in the market with admirable beauty and sparkling shine. Now, for the modern interiors, Ceiling Crystal Chandeliers are becoming the first choice for modern home interiors and this is even right as the modern but original beauty of chandelier can leave of speechless for a while.

A crystal chandelier is undoubtedly the first choice to add original beauty to home with a modern touch, but choosing the right chandelier for decoration is very important. If you hang the right piece, then only you can add the admirable beauty to your space.

How to select the right piece of chandelier for your home interior?

When you are purchasing the new chandelier, then it is supposed to fulfill the two basic requirements:

  • At the first sight, you must like the chandelier you are planning to purchase.
  • The chandelier must fall under the appropriate cost that you must able to pay.

Your chandelier is also supposed to meet the given criteria.

  • Shape, style and size chandelier should be adequate as per the size of your interior, style of your space and the ceiling height.
  • Your chandelier should have sufficient intensity to shine. You must consider the size of your room before purchasing the chandelier and also check for the factors that whether the chandelier is only lightening source in your room. If it is the only source of light, then check whether it is able to spread enough light space or you require another chandelier to hang. You can also use spotlights, wall lamps and table lamps for lightening purpose.


Choosing the most suitable color:

  • Despite selecting the colorless Crystal chandelier, you can also go for the colorful chandelier.
  • It is a quite difficult task to harmonize the colored crystal chandelier with the colors of your interiors. Make sure you choose the color that goes best with the color of your interior and also take care of the factor that color of your interior might get changed in the future.
  • Crystal chandeliers can be easily fitted into any kind of home interior due to their universal nature. But when you are choosing the Crystal Chandelier, you must take care of the factors that whether the silver and gold metal parts of your chandeliers perfectly match with your home interior or not. For matching, you can consider window color, handles, and color of your door.
  • Neutral colored crystal chandelier having the silver metal body goes with almost every type of interior. Silver color chandeliers are not so prominent and look more visible as compared to the chandelier having the gold metal body which makes gold metal body chandelier more prominent.

How you can hang your chandelier in a proper way:

  • If you hang the chandelier in open space and people are going to walk under it, then the chandelier’s bottom part is supposed to be about 200cm above the floor which is approximately equal to the door frame’s height. This is to make sure that people must able to walk under the chandelier easily.
  • If you are planning to hang the chandelier over the piano, table or coffee desk then the chandelier can be hung lower. You can hang the chandelier near about 180 cm above the floor. When you are planning to hang the chandelier above the table make sure that your table is wide so your head does not get in touch with chandelier every time you stand.  

For hanging the crystal chandelier

  • To hang chandelier install hook on the ceiling of your space as per the instruction provided for the ceiling.  Also, make sure that the load capacity of your ceiling is double your chandelier, this is important for the safety.

For cleaning of Crystal Chandelier

Regular cleaning of the chandelier is necessary as dust can reduce the sparkle and shine of your chandelier. For this you just have to follow the necessary steps:

  •    Turn off the lights, until cleaning process gets completed.
  •    Remove crystal trimmings from the chandelier and wash them in lukewarm water. Always starts from the bottom, after that wipe them with a soft cotton cloth. Now wash the glass parts in the same manner.
  •    You cannot remove the metal and glass parts. They can be cleaned using the moisturized microfiber cloth. Do not use any detergents for cleaning process as they can fade the shine of your crystal chandelier. You don’t even need detergent if you use the good quality microfiber cloth for the cleaning process. This will not only help you to clean you’re your chandelier and maintain its sparkling beauty but also help you to protect hands from the harmful side effects of detergents you might use to clean your chandelier. To avoid smudges rinse cloth regularly in lukewarm water during the cleaning process.
  •    Now, at last, put back all the washed trimming parts of chandeliers.

Note – if you think, you might forget the cleaning process and won’t remember the right position, then draw a plan of chandelier cleaning process using pen and paper or you can also take the pictures during the dismantling process. This will definitely help you out.

If you are still in doubt that whether the Crystal Chandelier is right for your interior, then our gallery might convince you or help you out to take the right decision. Visit Classical Chandeliers website and go for the right choice after exploring our collection of Crystal Chandelier.