With modern technology providing us with incredible leaps forward, it was just matter of time when these high tech results and outcomes will find their way to modern house. If you are, as I am, tech geek, then you must feel excited, for smart houses are not so far away in the future. Of course, smaller steps must be taken, in order to obtain fully independent house, but you will be absolutely fascinated with these achievements also. Feel free to take a glimpse into the future, with these modern gadgets that you can obtain even today.

You will agree that the Internet is something the best ever happened to human kind. Much of these new gadgets are using Wi-Fi connection, or through specific service via Internet, are sending different information. Imagine that you didn’t have the time to vacuum your room, and you are expecting some guests. What will you do? Turn on the application on your tablet or smartphone, and give an order to your robotic vacuum cleaner to start its work. Or, on your way from work, you can take out your tablet, and set coffee machine to start preparing your favourite cup of relaxation. Seems incredible, isn’t it? Well, it is quite possible.

One thing shouldn’t bother you. The operating system you have on your controlling device. It doesn’t matter if you own Android, iOS or Windows operating system; you are bound to find compatible devices. A lot of devices are using Bluetooth connection, such as speakers or window washing robots, and this connection is universal. A lot of programmers are turning to multi-platform programming, for they wish their program to be spread out, rather than limited to specific users.

First thing that started utilizing high tech inventions, was of course, safety sector of each house. Rather than blasting off with inconvenient and noisy alarms, modern ones are a lot smarter. Why warning burglar that he is detected, when you can silently alarm the police, so he will be caught red-handed? Those alarm systems are equipped with motion detectors, and it can be set to different sizes of the body which will activate it. This is very convenient if you have pets, for example. All of those detectors are easy to set up, and all you will need are few bolts from your tools shop, just to put them on the ceiling. Also, smoke and harmful gasses detectors got their IQ boosted up, so they can tell you in which room is the problem, and even send you text message, if you are away from home. And, in addition, fire detector can signal up to thermostat to shut down gas income, in order to prevent major disaster.

Speaking of thermostats, earlier you had to set up specific temperature each time, in order to save money when you are away from home. Nowadays, thermostats can track your cycles, and to set the temperature on their own. This saves you a lot of effort, and increases the amount of money saved by 20%! Also, if even this is bothersome to you, you can always set up thermostat to detect your smart watch, and to adjust the heating when you are entering the room, or getting closer. Moreover, many are coming in stylish package, with touchscreen option, and if you mind the aesthetics as I am, this will be the key factor. In addition, all of these devices are looking pretty good and futuristic, but they are keeping multi-functionality after all.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, be positive that future had already begun. In a few short years these will be common and overcame things, for technology can never stop progressing and advancing. All you need to do is to sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Damian Wolf is a writer and home DIY enthusiast. He loves to write about home improvement, gardening and business.