Normally, garage door springs support the entire weight of the door. The springs are stretched or wound under a lot of pressure hence tightening and loosening anytime you open the door. Most people do not understand that it is the door spring and not the opener that open and lifts the door. But just like anything that is under pressure your door springs will eventually break. In the event that they break what should you do? Or how can you carry out garage door opener repair or garage door installation in Sacramento?

Lift up the door and remove what is left:
The first step is to get someone to help you lift up the door to a completely open position. Right under the bottom of most rollers that turns the springs, put a set of rolling pliers on the door track when you install a garage door, garage door windows or doing garage door repair then remove what is remaining. If there is any considerable damage in the bearings, check out the pulleys and change them. More so, in case, the sides of the pulleys or the cables are damaged remove them.

Carry the broken spring:
Carry the broken spring to the local garage door dealer and buy a new spring similar in diameter, length, and wire gauze to the broken one. If you realize that there is a kink or an indication of fraying it is wise to pick new cables. Also, check the pulleys and change them if they are having any problem. Since you will have to check out how the cable is woven through the pulleys do not get rid of the broken spring yet. By ensuring that the spring is stretched out 1-inch, deploy the new cable, springs among others and drift the locking pliers to the other side of the door then change the old broken cable and spring.

Ensure that no one is around:
While carrying out garage door repair or garage door opener repair, ensure that there is no one who is standing close to the springs. While closely watching all that you have replaced, cautiously pick out the locking pliers and lower the garage door. Remember, the pulleys situated at the end of the spring should not contact the other fixed pulley. This is because they could contact each other if you stretch the pulley too much. To ensure that there is absolutely no risk of pulling from their moorings, you need to check out the anchor points.

Check the safety cable:
You should then ensure that the safety cable is run through the anchored parts and the springs past the farthermost travel points of the springs. This is very important to help support the springs in case they break again. Remember, installing a new spring is not a long and a complicated process although it can be a very dangerous process.

However, in case you do not have the inclination of carrying out the process yourself it is advisable to hire a technician. Hiring an professional garage door repair service provider of Sacramento will also save you a lot of time and money that you could have used in shopping. But if you follow the above steps you should be able to replace the broken garage door torsion springs within no time and enjoy garage door special offer.

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