Having a broken garage door cable can really be a challenge to any garage owner, especially if they are not discovered early enough. This is because you will find that the door will be hanging at an angle or it is stuck halfway and cannot open or close properly. For you to ensure that your door cable is fixed properly and safely, you need professional assistance and that is why at San Antonio Garage Door Specialists, we offer garage door repair services, including the repair and maintenance of broken garage door cables.

Before you embark on repairing any broken garage door cable, there are some very important tips that we consider very key for you to know first. These tips include:

Purchase new cables

The first step to replacing a broken door cable is buying new cables for the replacement. You can never repair a door cable by trying to replace the old cables or springs. This step should be conducted in a very careful manner in order to ensure that you purchase the right quality material which is very durable and will not damage very quickly. Purchasing poor quality cables from a local store may incur you additional costs of replacing the cables often and even the costs of hiring the specialists to do it.

Know the type of your garage door cable

Before replacing any broken cable, you first need to determine the type of cable you need for your door. These range from safety cables to torsion cables and extension spring door cables. This is because each type of these cables requires special treatment different from the other, for example, torsion cables have to be wound ad attached to the door in a precise manner. This is unlike safety cables that are used together with extension springs and in the event of breakage, both the springs and the cables have to be replaced.

Release the tension on the door spring

This step is very important before embarking to replace a cable in your door. This is because it will enable you to open the garage door fully and in a secure manner to prevent damaging it further. You should then support the door with c-clamps to prevent it from falling as you proceed to repair the door cable. This step is usually undertaken to immobilize the door during repair.

Get professional assistance

It is very important to get professional help in fixing your broken door cable for it to be done safely and in the correct manner. A professional door repair specialist will ensure that there is equal tension on each side of your door for the door to operate smoothly. In addition to proper alignment of your door, you will also escape the danger of having the entire garage door falling when attempting to fix the cable on your own, which can cause great injury or damage.

If you need any repairs for your garage or residential door cables, you can contact us at San Antonio for high quality and professional services for your door. We will also assist you to purchase the right quality material of the cables from competent stores.