The garage is one of the most visited places in a home. This is because the homeowner is likely to use his or her car to drive to work and back home. Most homeowners expect that their garage door to open and close each time they use it. It therefore calls for having a reliable garage door to ensure that none of your operations is affected. When the garage door is not maintained properly, it might experience some problems since it is always exposed to extreme weather conditions throughout the year. As a homeowner, there are some common garage door repair issues that you are likely to face. Some of these problems happen when you least expect them. It is recommended that if you are not an expert, you should consult a technician to help you fix the problem.

Common Garage Door Repair Issues Homeowners Face

  1. Sticking when opening or closing

This problem can be caused by some minor issues. Homeowners with remote garage door openers should check the sensors, switches, and the batteries first. For Homeowners who open their garage door manually, they will need to first check for any obstruction in the wheel track. Once the owner is sure the track is free of obstructions, it may be necessary to lubricate the wheels that move along the track. Weather can also play part in the need to re-lubricate throughout the year. It is also important that the homeowner verifies that the cables and springs are all of the same length and have same springiness. This will indicate the garage door was not hung evenly. If it is uneven, a garage door repair technician should be contacted.

  1. Garage door making excessive noises

A garage door is expected to open and close smoothly. It may not be the kind of problem that’s preventing you from accessing your home, but excessive noises can really be annoying. Some doors make grinding, loud squealing or screeching noises that could be related to the lubrication issues or some debris inside the track of the door. The whole track where the door wheels run should be properly cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals to get rid of the dirt build-up or anything that may get in the way of the door’s seamless operation. Homeowners should also make a point of using oils specifically manufactured to lubricate garage doors.

  1. The Garage door falling quickly when you lower it.

Ideally, a garage door should go at a moderate speed whenever it is lowered. However, sometimes the garage door falls quickly whenever it is lowered which could hurt and injure the operator. This problem can be attributed to very loose garage door springs and broken cables. In this case you should consult a garage door repair technician to fix your problem.

  1. An icy predicament

This is a common phenomenon especially if you live in colder climates. You may have experienced the issue of actually having your door freeze to the cement below. When water drips down below the rubber and freezes, it causes this problem. To mitigate this, you need to get use a source of heat and melt away the ice. Once the ice has melted, clean away the precipitation so that it does not happen again.

In summary, those are some of the common garage door repair issues you as a home owner can face. Maintaining your garage door is as important as ensuring your car remains in good condition. Ensure that the garage door rollers are working properly and if there is need for garage door installation ensure you do it soonest possible. The practice of garage door maintenance has always benefited homeowners in very many ways.