Your garage is your personal space, a space where you work, where you keep your things, where you spend a lot of time. You must feel comfortable in your garage so you could be as productive as you can. We all know that workplace can be a really untidy place, especially if you are a craftsman, and that untidiness can be such a bore sometimes. But, you can change that with minimal effort. The important thing to remember is that you must think out of the box, be creative, and use as much space as you can. We are giving you some basic tips how to arrange your garage and enjoy your work in it.


First and most used way, to clear space are shelves. You can put shelves on the walls, on the ceiling, or even put some storage space beneath the floor. But, your shelves must be maintained and well organized; otherwise, they won’t be efficient. You can buy shelves, or you can construct them on your own. Probably the easiest DIY shelf is a so called truss shelf, a shelf that looks like a ladder and it’s made from only couple of boards. Another thing you can do is to screw a wooden plank to the wall, and use it as a simple shelf.


Racks are usually used for storing tools, but you can make racks to store basically anything. The first thing you can do, to make an easy tool rack, is just use some wood planks (big for bigger pieces, and small for smaller tool), accurately drill holes, and then screw it to the wall. You can even use for drills. That’s a nice, simple and cheap tool holder. The same thing can be done with tools like brooms or rakes, you just need bigger wood planks, or pieces of wood, or, if you can find a harder hose, you can use its pieces as tool holders.

Bins and drawers

Another easy way to organize your tools and materials are just regular bins. You can buy laundry or trash bins, mark them to know what’s inside, and then put them in your garage. You can even make some sliding shelves – screw some wooden planks on the wall, or on the ceiling, and then put your bins there. The use of drawers is the same, except they are already connected to the shelves or other pieces of furniture.


Bicycles can really take some space, and the problem gets bigger if you own more than one. So, you can simply make some bicycle hangers on the wall or on the ceiling, and hang them there like coats. Find a hook or something that can be used as one and then simply hang your bicycle. Same thing you can do for ladders – just put a wooden plank on the wall and hang them over there, or lay them on the ceiling beam.


You probably know this one, but let’s mention it anyway because the small things are easiest things to misplace. For screws we can use simple cans, or small bins, and put them in. This can be done for all small objects you have in your garage, and your workshop.