Its nuisance, when your garage door comes half way and goes back suddenly. In Denver, the broken garage doors at your home must be troubling you. It’s not a project that you can fix by yourself, so a professional service is required and finding an efficient garage door service to fix the same is tiresome, the inflated price for the service might also look scary. Denver Garage Door Specialists are now at a call away to attend your garage door repair Denver and fix them in no time at absolutely reasonable and affordable price.

A quick look at the common problems, why your garage door is malfunctioning:

1. The first and foremost reason could be the sensors placed on either side of the door might not be facing each other. This would happen due to the presence of an object between them. This triggers the sensor to make the garage door open abnormally by itself and close by itself.

2. There are instances where people believe that the reason behind this is either the frequency is matching or the code is stolen.

3. The automatic garage door installation might not be done properly and there must be a short in the circuit.

4. Apart from the short in the garage door circuit board, the short might also be present in the Wall button wiring, the wall button, the remote for opening the garage door and other electronic issues.

5. The discharged batteries in the garage door opener remote might also trigger the garage door to open half away and shut suddenly.

6. Any nearby radios transmitting the frequency that matches with your garage door opener would also create the problem.

7. Inappropriate adjustments in the distance range, force preferences for opening and closing doors would also make an issue.

8. Also, check if the remote is lying in the car seat with a weight placed over it, triggering the issue.

9. Check for the objects placed in the path of the garage door, such as garbage bins, settled mud or even build up of debris.

10. The garage door opener might have become obsolete.

While, the problems 8 & 9 can be handled by anyone, the rest of the issues need to be attended by a specialist. By hiring a Denver Garage Door Specialists, these problems are easily solved, assuring reliable and hassle free service.

The Denver Garage Door Specialists offer:

· 24 x 7 emergency services

· Quick response time of 1 hour

· Availability on weekends and holidays

The varied services offered by Denver Garage Door Specialists are:

·  Repair of broken garage door springs

·  Garage door opener repair

·  Replacement of broken rollers

·  Repairing garage door cable

·  Replacement of garage door drum

·  Replacement of bent door panel

·  Repair/replacement of bent garage door tracks

·  Weather seal replacement

Now, it’s only a call away, call the Denver Garage Door Specialists and get your garage door fixed or alternatively you can also log on to our website and key in your details. Reply assured in an hour.