If your garage door becomes excessively shaky or makes a lot of noise as you operate it, then it is most likely that your garage door drums are damaged. If that is the case, then garage door drums needs to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage.

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What are garage door drums and its purpose? 

Garage door drums are the circular rollers attached at the end of the torsion spring shafts. They assist the door to wind up and down and assist in lifting the garage door. The door balances itself on these drums with the help of a safety cable. Your garage door springs work along with the safety cables and the drums making sure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly. Every time your garage door opens and closes, the cables wind and unwind on these drums.

So, what happens if the garage doors are faulty or worn-out?

Damaged garage door drums can cause the cables to break or slip out, causing the door panels free fall or leading it to bend. It can also damage the tracks. That is why you need to maintain garage door drums regularly to ensure its optimal functioning. Fortunately for you, here are DIY tips for garage door drum replacement.

Five DIY Tips for Garage Door Drum Replacement:

1) Unplug the power cord. Begin by unplugging the power cord from the power socket in order to avoid getting shocked by electricity. Then continue disconnecting all the cables by pulling the trolley cord and adjusting them to a neutral position.

2) Mark the torsion shafts that your garage drums are connected to. Do this carefully though. You can do this using either a marking pen or a file. This step is vital for leveling your garage doors once you have installed the new drums.

3) Do not touch the springs if they are still wrapped around. Remember not to go touch or pull the cable drums when there are springs still wrapped around them. If these cables are unwound or broken, place them back around the garage drums temporarily so that you can proceed to make the markings.

4) Insert the winding bar into the hole around the spring’s cone. While you are still standing on the ladder, insert the winding bar into the hole around the spring’s cone then using a wrench carefully loosen your set crews. Do all this while holding onto the garage bar to stop it from slamming back. Then carefully replace the bolts that secure your drums to the door, and then slide them away from their bearing plates below.

5) Follow this process in turns. Do not try to remove the other drum until you have completely placed the other shaft into position and replaced its drum. Finish the first part before trying to work on the other.

CONCLUSION: Five DIY Tips for Garage Door Drum Replacement

If you still encounter problems after following these tips for garage door drum replacement, the best thing to do is to immediately contact the garage door repair specialist to perform a thorough troubleshooting for you and find out exactly where the problem is. Only after a thorough checkup that one can be hundred percent sure that the garage door drum replacement has been successfully done.

If you do not have time to follow these DIY tips yourself, or you are concerned about the safety of yourself and your family member, we highly advise you to contact Garage Door Repair Kansas City. They have a team of certified experts who have years of experience, know-how, and right tools for garage door drum replacement and garage door repair works.